Media Streaming Server A Multi-purpose Software Solution

The Otter Media Server is a Linux multi-purpose software solution for deploying high-load video streaming services of any scale.

Media Server allows

operators to implement online video projects of any complexity. It serves as a
video processing core for many video streaming businesses all over the world.
Thousands of IPTV and OTT operators, video surveillance, and middleware
vendors trust our platform.


Otter Media Server is a carrier-grade platform for OTT and IPTV services. Operators can capture, transcode, record archives, manage users and threads, and deliver professional multi-protocol video (live and on-demand) to any part of the world.

Video Surveillance

Otter Media Server can be used as a solid foundation for developing a custom video delivery service or a surveillance system that captures video from thousands of geographically distributed IP cameras and stores an archive of any depth.

Video Content Delivery Networks

Otter Media Servers can form a cluster which makes it an ideal origin server software for many CDNs.

Using Otter Media Server in content delivery networks lowers down maintenance costs and adds an extensive list of features that can satisfy needs of any demanding customer.


Otter Media Server is a reliable solution for video transport of any kind and complexity. It is used to organize live video broadcasts with IP cameras and to provide access to massive on-demand video libraries.

With Otter Video Free Trial Media Server operators can embed a video streaming module into any web project