Why is Analytics Important in Video Surveillance?

Video Surveillance

The current technological revolution offers us the possibility of having a large number of devices with a high development of artificial intelligence, something that allows us to automate processes in a way that was not possible before.

Security cameras are also part of these great technological advances and today they offer us multiple novelties that, in addition to high-resolution images, provide us with tools such as identification of people, identification of car license plates, people counting, among others.

But what can we do to make these tools more than just “cool” options? How can we use them effectively in our business?

Beyond using cameras and the security system to protect our businesses and belongings, we can use them to monitor, measure impacts, and optimize our processes. The development of various intelligent video analytics allows security operators to improve their response times to an event captured by the camera. Such alarms can arrive via SMS, email or notification in a mobile application. This contributes to not having to look monitor by monitor to know in which area the event is presented and to reduce false alarms through intelligent algorithms that allow classifying constant movements of people or objects within the same area.

Other great video analytics tools that are now available are:

Face recognition: The video analytics module recognizes all the faces that walk in front of the camera, saves those events, and lets you access to the footage later, in case you need to do so.
Human Traffic Report: With the facial recognition data, a traffic report can be generated that specifies who exactly walked in front of the camera and when.
Integration with ACS: Facial recognition events can be transmitted in real time to the ACS to open access doors safely and quickly.
People counting: Make an accurate count of the people entering and leaving a given space. This module also allows you to generate detailed chronological reports.
Heat maps: Very useful for discovering visitor movement patterns. A tool like this allows business owners, for example, to locate the products they want to push the hardest in those areas, where they can be seen more easily.
Line management: This allows calculating how many people approximately remain in a specific area for a certain time.
License plate identification: This system is ideal for communities, clubs, parking lots, etc. When vehicles are included in a whitelist, and the license plate is recognized, the access barrier will automatically open. It can also be used in areas where there is a blacklist, and it is intended to locate those vehicles when they go through the control point.

Take a look at the article we previously wrote to see how to install such a system in a gated community or office.

Video analytics allow an operator to have greater precision in security monitoring, gradually reduce the percentage of neglect of critical events, make key decisions to automate processes and, consequently, make data-driven decisions. Otter Watcher has all the modules mentioned above and many more. For more information, contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about how Otter Watcher works.

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