How to Install a License Plate Recognition System in a Gated Community with Otter Video Watcher

Install a License Plate Recognition System

Otter Video Watcher with Automatic License Plate Recognition streamlines vehicle entry and easily verifies visitors constantly entering gated communities.

This module that we launched some time ago captures images of the license plates of each vehicle that uses the dedicated lane to enter the gated community and, using optical character recognition, compares the image with the database of vehicles approved to enter the building. If the vehicle is in the database and the license plate is recognized as verified, the door will open automatically.

Residents of the gated community or building must create a license whitelist to register the vehicles of residents and recurrent guests allowed on the premises. Yes, it is possible to add the license plate associated with a guest so that the guest’s vehicle is automatically recognized at the door. Our technology reduces waiting times and traffic jams at entry doors while keeping track of all visitors entering enclosed spaces.

When a vehicle is not automatically recognized, the door will simply not open. The guest will have to call the resident who is about to visit to open the door manually or simply, if one is available, speak with the security guard to start the identity verification process.

How to install the system in 3 simple steps:

Hardware installation: The first step is to install security cameras with Otter Video Agent installed. An internet connection of at least 10 Mbps is required. Each camera generates approximately 1 Mbps of traffic.
Connection to the Сloud service: It is convenient to use a video surveillance platform in the cloud to have access to analytics and so that residents can have access to the archived videos of the CCTV cameras at any time.
Create a white list with the authorized plates: After connecting the cameras, the next step is to add to the system the numbers of the plates that are authorized to enter the building. It should be noted that this list can be edited at any time to add and remove license plates.

As you can see, the license plate recognition system to expedite the entry of authorized vehicles to gated communities is very easy to deploy. If you want to see it for yourself, contact us today to request a demo or a free trial.

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