Otter Watcher

With Otter Watcher you can deploy your own white label VSaaS service, on-premise or in the cloud

Otter Watcher

Cloud video surveillance
platform to:

  • Launch a cloud video surveillance service in an ISP company and develop a new revenue stream.
  • Build a CCTV system on a geographically distributed facility with centralized monitoring and control.
  • Take video Analytics to the next level. Improve your company’s performance and automate your work and processes.

Benefits Watcher

  • New business opportunity
  • White-Label platform
  • Easy to connect cameras
  • Up to 800 cameras per server
  • Work via Internet
  • An integrated solution for the most complex projects

Mobile App

Receive automatic notifications of any action in front of your cameras. Access all your cameras. Live video and recording from anywhere in the world

Web application

A full workstation with all the main features of a robust surveillance system

Otter Agent

A software installed directly on the camera, which allows you to make pretty much any camera plug and play to connect it to a cloud server without the need of a public IP address

Unique Features

License plate recognition
Visitor counter
Integration with billing
White label platform
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