Aonyx Media Server: Your Guardian Angel for IPTV Streaming

The unique system that continuously monitors the UDP multicast output of any MPEG-TS generating equipment, instantly substitutes the source signal when it’s lost, and smoothly reverts to standby mode once the source signal is restored

Experience peace of mindwith your IPTV streaming network

Aonyx Media Server

Otter Video offers an ingenious, affordable solution to these challenges — the Aonyx Media Server This server is universally compatible with all your headend equipment, including those generating multicast MPEG-TS streams, whether MPTS or SPTS

Solution for Multicast Networks

The Aonyx Media Server is designed to constantly monitor a multicast group on your video network When it detects a lack of data in a particular multicast stream, the server interprets this as a failure of the primary equipment It promptly begins transmitting video to the affected multicast group.

When the primary source signal re-emerges in the multicast network, Aonyx ceases its transmission and reverts to standby mode

A Universal Backup for Your Headend Equipment

The Aonyx Media Server operates as a reliable stand-by backup for any multicast source It supports a wide range of headend equipment, including Harmonic, Appear, WISI, Elemental, Ateme, Sumavision, and many others, without any operational interference This server integrates seamlessly into your video network, quietly anticipating and mitigating equipment failures to ensure your IPTV streaming operation is uninterrupted

Smooth Transition

Equipped with a built-in MPTS multiplexer, the Aonyx Media Server allows to configure an exact replica of your original stream inclusive of program and PID names, PAT, PMT, SDT tables, and other essential MPEG-TS stream parameters This built-in feature ensures a smooth transition, enabling the downstream devices to continue processing video without delay

A Stand-By Backup for Any Multicast Source

The Aonyx Media Server has a flexible input range and can ingest any type of live and pre-recorded video, regardless of format, codec, or protocol Consequently, the failed primary source can be replaced with its duplicate, received from a different medium (e.g., the primary comes from DVB-S2, and Aonyx receives the same stream over IP or SRT) Alternatively, a placeholder video can be deployed in the absence of the original stream

Aonyx Media Server
Hardware Support

CPU architecture

  • X86
  • ARM64
  • Risc

8VSB/ATSC/DVB/ISDB input and output

  • TBS
  • DD
  • Hauppauge
  • Dektec


  • CPU
  • Intel Media SDK
  • NVIDIA Jetson

SDI/ASI/HDMI input and output

  • Blackmagic decklink
  • Magewell
  • Dektec
  • AJA

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