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The Otter Video engineering team has been developing software for processing and streaming video since 2010. Our products allow operators to capture, transcode, archive, and deliver uninterrupted video to end-users.

We offer solutions for IPTV, OTT, cloud services, as well as video surveillance projects. Our software generates revenue for many loyal customers in more than 100 countries around the world.


Otter Media Server

The Otter Video Media Server is a multi-purpose server software solution for deploying high-load video streaming services of any scale.

The system allows operators to implement online video projects of any complexity. Otter Video serves as a video processing core for many video streaming businesses all over the world.

Thousands of IPTV and OTT operators, video surveillance and intercom projects, and middleware vendors trust our platform.

A modern video surveillance system that addresses the classical and specific tasks in the areas of security, video broadcasting, and video recording. Watcher provides remote access to recording archives and distributed IP cameras.

Otter Watcher is a ready-to-use, scalable, and easy-to-implement network-oriented solution for a wide range of tasks on video surveillance – from the organization of classical systems on closed, local, and geographically distributed objects to intelligent video recognition on the basis of neural networks.

Otter Watcher

A camera software that extends default capabilities of Linux-based IP cameras.

Agent is a modification of the original cameras’ firmware for direct and secure connection of an IP camera to an Otter Video server.

Otter Agent

Improved video delivery
Most IP cameras work very poorly in large networks: interrupted stream, corrupted video frames, and other performance lags. Otter Agent solves all these issues.

High Security
Otter Agent: doesn’t require access to a camera via the Internet, lets you isolate a camera from any network, creates logins and passwords automatically.

Plug-n-play mode
You no longer need to keep a record of IP addresses, configure a VPN, set up port forwarding, or rely on network settings. Otter Agent connects to a server directly and transmits video without dropping frames or losing quality.

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