The Lutra is an advanced transcoding accelerator module, designed in the NVMe 2.5 inch form factor, providing an exceptional solution for transcoding applications. Equipped with NVIDIA Jetson technology, it is superior to traditional GPU for such applications.


The Lutra is capable of transcoding up to 6 Full HD streams into Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) with three distinct profiles (Full HD, HD, and SD), all on a single module. When fitted into a 1U NVMe chassis, which can accommodate 12 Lutra modules, this becomes an incredibly high-density, carrier-grade IPTV OTT transcoder that can process up to 72 FHD ABR streams.

Eco-Friendly Transcoding

Lutra exemplifies energy efficiency, consuming only 1.2Watt per channel, vastly undercutting the power usage of traditional CPU or GPU-based transcoders. With the industry moving towards reducing server rack power budgets, Lutra is an environmentally conscious and economical solution, seamlessly blending high performance with low power consumption.

Powered by NVIDIA Jetson

At the heart of Lutra is the NVIDIA Jetson System on Chip (SoC) modules. This compact, yet power- ful edge AI computing platform stands as a testament to NVIDIA’s industry-leading transcod- ing technology. We’ve harnessed this robust tech- nology in Lutra to offer superior performance in a small package, delivering exceptional, unrivaled video transcoding capabilities. With Lutra, you get the best of NVIDIA’s high-quality transcoding, optimized to its fullest potential.

A Profit-Boosting Solution

Otter Video’s OEM Whitelabel program allows our partners to build carrier- grade transcoding appliances using locally sourced hardware components. This not only matches the capabilities of renowned transcoding appliances but also provides an attractive profit margin of 50-100%.

Achieve this by leveraging the lower costs of parts and licenses with our Lutra-based transcoders, offering the same competitive price as global vendors but reaping much higher profits. Embrace the opportunity with Otter Video to revolutionize your business model while enhancing your market edge.

Building with Otter Video Solution

50-100% profit margin

Reselling Third-Party Transcoders

10-25% profit margin

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