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Embrace The Future with Otter Video

Otter Video presents an enticing opportunity for resellers and integrators. Our advanced technology stack, high-quality products, comprehensive support, and flexible business models make us an ideal partner. By working together, we can empower your clients with unparalleled video streaming capabilities and open new avenues for growth and success.

Aonyx Media Server

Swiss army knife for video streaming accepting all major protocols and codecs, supporting a wide range of streaming protocols and providing an advanced monitoring system with the support for many DRM systems and Cloud Multi-DRM vendors, and user-friendly Web-UI


The Lutra is an advanced transcoding accelerator module, designed in the NVMe 2.5 inch form factor, providing an exceptional solution for transcoding applications. Equipped with NVIDIA Jetson technology, it is superior to traditional GPU for such applications.

A Robust Business Model

Otter Video offers partners a head-start in developing an end-to-end streaming platform with no investments of time and money in development. Partners receive training and support to ensure they maintain their expertise on the software along with the access to a full suite of services including technical support, marketing, and sales assistance

Custom Development and Release Schedule

OEM version of the software will have the same feature set as the original product. Some features from the OEM version of the media server can be removed so that there is no competition with the existing products of the partner. Rigid release schedule ensures our technology stays at the forefront of the industry. Partnering with Otter Video provides access to a sophisticated, proven technology stack that can be leveraged to meet your clients’ streaming needs

Robust Technical Support

First line support for partners, with Aonyx and Otter in the second line without direct communication with end-users. Otter Video provides unlimited support requests, training for technical support team, proactive support in identifying and addressing bugs/issues, and quick response times for any support tickets to our partners. For more complex needs or larger operations, an additional extended support package is offered, including faster response times, live chat for Support Services, and customizable additional technical services to suit any specific requirements. 

Documentation and Training

Otter Video offers thorough documentation available as regularly updated markdown documents that can be re-written or edited to better serve customer needs. Beyond this, our team provides in-depth training, helping partners remain an expert on our software and enhancing the ability to assist clients effectively. The more familiar you are with our products, the better you’ll be able to integrate them into your offerings and fulfill your clients’ needs.

Diverse Use Cases

IPTV, User-Generated Content (UGC) & Live Events, B2B - backhauling, distribution, carriage, hospitality, Simulcast, and restreaming to Social Networks and Online Video Platforms, among others

Influencing Our Roadmap

A partner has a unique opportunity to influence our roadmap schedule and participate in custom feature development for specific projects. This collaboration helps both of us: it provides a partner with a product tailored to their needs and gives Otter Video valuable insight into our product application in the field.

Flexible Pricing Model

To accommodate various business models and needs, Otter Video offers two pricing models: a Monthly or Quarterly Subscription and a Perpetual License. For OEM versions, options for both software and hardware are provided, allowing a partner to build hardware appliances based on the OEM version of the Media Server. The ‘Rent to Buy’ model for hardware provides further flexibility, requiring a downpayment followed by monthly installments. 

Let’s embrace the future of video streaming together!

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