Retail Sector: How to Choose the Right Cloud Video Surveillance System?

Cloud Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance IP cameras have become, without a doubt, a fundamental tool for entrepreneurs who want not only to protect their business, but also to streamline processes and improve customer service. More and more entrepreneurs are basing their decisions on video analytics, such as those offered by Otter Video Watcher, to take actions that allow them to scale their businesses.

Therefore, if you are the owner or administrator of a business and want to convert your traditional security system to a modern system in the cloud, like the one offered by Otter Video, but you don’t know where to start, in this article we bring you three scenarios that will help you to make the right decision.

There are many video analytics modules available with Otter Video Watcher, however, in this text we are going to consider only three that, in our opinion, are basic functionalities, which you should consider as minimum in your new video surveillance system:

That the video and business information can be viewed simultaneously both live and in playback mode from anywhere in the world and from any device. We consider it essential that your new cloud video surveillance system offers a mobile and / or web application.
That includes a people counter. In this era where we are struggling to get out of a pandemic, and where we still cannot fill our businesses with the same number of people that we could before, it is essential to have a people counting system that allows us to ensure the health of our customers and employees and avoid fines from the health authorities. You can read more about our people counting module in the article where we detail it for you.
A high-rise camera with a wide-angle lens that provides heat map functionality displaying hot and cold areas based on customer flow. This will allow you to improve your business analysis while at the same time providing a general picture of the store’s sales floor.

Otter Video offers a video analytics module that allows you to visualize the number of people entering and leaving a business and, in addition, you can indicate at what hours and on which days the highest public traffic is registered. In addition, cameras can distinguish people from objects and backgrounds and compare faces to a database to identify people.

In addition, we also offer native mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems so that our clients have the functions to view live video and event registration. They too can brand the mobile app with their company colors and logo.

Cloud technology does more than facilitate industry change, it also helps retailers stay flexible and adapt to the rapidly evolving market.

More and more retailers are realizing that migrating their security systems to the cloud offers them great benefits. If you want more information on how to migrate your security system, contact us today. A member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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