Why is Analytics Important in Video Surveillance?

Video Surveillance

In these months of the pandemic, we have seen in the news that the cases of robberies and occupations of homes, which were left empty by the coronavirus, have been unfortunately on the rise. Thieves and trespassers take advantage of the fact that properties are not frequently visited to do their mischief.

Due to this fear of being many days, and even months, without being able to enter the house, and with the fear of finding an unpleasant surprise on the next visit, more and more people buy video surveillance cameras in the cloud to control their recreational houses or the main residency itself when they go on vacation. A much cheaper option than hiring a security alarm system and that allows them to control it from their own mobile phone. In addition to ensuring safety, video surveillance cameras are also being used to monitor babies and pets when we are not at home. And although it seems very complicated and expensive, the truth is that now having a robust video surveillance system is cheaper and simpler to install thanks to the cloud and platforms like Otter Video Watcher. So forget about complicated and expensive CCTV systems and welcome the future (actually the present) of home video surveillance.

But what are the advantages and what can you do with the Otter Video cloud video surveillance system?

All of our cameras have the functions mentioned above, but, depending on your needs, we have three camera options available. Below we delve into the details of each of them.

Video Surveillance

Dome Camera

A full plug-and-play video surveillance system that addresses the classical and specific tasks in the areas of security, video broadcasting, and video recording. If you want a camera that lets you know what is happening in your house while you are away, a dome camera is an excellent option. This camera has a lens that will offer you a full HD resolution of 1080 pixels and a panoramic view that will allow you to control the entire surface of the room in which it is placed. All the activities that the camera saves can be archived on an SD card or in the cloud.

Bullet Camera

Its 2.8 mm lens allows a clear vision even from many meters away, so taht is why they are recommended to use outdoors. This model records full HD images at 1080 pixels with a distance of up to 30 meters and captures high-quality images both day and night thanks to the 24 “IR2” infrared LED lamps.

Home Camera

Its infrared LED lights allow night vision up to 10 meters away. This camera allows you to archive the videos in the cloud or on an SD card. Our Home model has a microphone and a speaker for two-way communication, with which you can talk to your guests or children even if you are not at home.

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