Cloud Video Surveillance, the New Ally of the Retail Sector in Times of Crisis

Cloud video surveillance, which allows constant monitoring of multiple locations and the viewing of live and recorded video from any laptop, tablet or smartphone, has become a new paradigm of great social, technological and economic impact. The cloud nowadays is the propitious place where a new industrial revolution is currently being born, thanks to its databases and multiple web applications.


It is no secret to anyone that the cloud is growing by leaps and bounds, much faster than it had been doing, due to the pandemic we are dealing with at the moment, and this is also reflected in the growth of the businesses that are using it. A report by the accounting firm Deloitte, published recently, indicates that those small and medium-sized companies that use the largest number of cloud services showed a 26% higher growth compared to other similar companies that do not use the cloud. This, according to the British company, translates into approximately 21% more profitability.

What is this growth due to? Well, as we mentioned earlier, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. With more than three billion people now working from home, individuals who also had restricted access to physical stores for a long time, Internet purchases soared between 60 and 70%, Deloitte also states, which generated that those retailers that did not have large platforms for online shopping, would invest large amounts of money building them. Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, many businesses were able to transition successfully and quickly.

But what else did these retail businesses discover? That they had to spend large amounts of money taking care of and monitoring buildings, full with merchandise but empty in terms of visitors, because old and traditional video surveillance systems, in addition to being unreliable, are very expensive, both to acquire and to keep in operation. Then, very smartly, they looked at the cloud again. Thousands of companies, during this Covid-19 pandemic, ditched their old video surveillance systems and switched to modern video surveillance services in the cloud, such as Watcher, Otter Video’s flagship.


The reasons for migrating, although already obvious and well known, are always worth remembering:

The reasons for migrating to video surveillance in the cloud are plenty and the list would be too long to write it in this article - we do not want to bore you dear readers!. However, if you want to know first-hand how our Watcher system works, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at We are so in love with our platform that it is always a pleasure for us to talk about it.

More and more companies are joining the trend of automating their procedures, to optimize the management of resources and generate competitive advantages. The use of cloud solutions has become one of the most widely used systems to improve collaboration, process agility, and security. Like we said in previous articles, this train of information is already moving at high speed. Don’t miss it!

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