How to Alleviate the Demanding Transmission and Storage Needs of Video Surveillance with H.265

How to Alleviate the Demanding Transmission of Video Surveillance with H.265

Since there are generally cameras located at various strategic points and the files must be stored for a long period of time, the information produced by a video surveillance system is truly colossal. If we take into account factors such as video resolution and frames per second and multiply that by the number of cameras available in a specific place, we immediately realize that the amount of data to manage is huge.

The challenge, because these cameras are collecting information 24/7, is not only to reduce the amount of data needed to move this information (Mbps) through the infrastructure (network) but also to decode that information to use the system’s storage in a more efficient way. This is when the evolution of video compression and its use in H.2865 IP cameras plays a very important role.

With cameras that adopt High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) or H.265, it is possible to stream UHD videos without consuming too much bandwidth and store events that occur in front of the camera in smaller files. Compared to cameras that only compress video with the H.264 codec, IP cameras with H.265 double the data compression ratio with the same and even higher image quality. In other words, an H.265 video surveillance camera reduces bandwidth consumption and storage use by 50%.

How do H.265 IP cameras work?

Unlike the H.264 codec that allows a maximum of 16x16 macroblocks to process the image, IP cameras with H.265 HEVC are capable of expanding that capacity to 64x64. Those larger block sizes are more efficient for encoding larger frame sizes like those offered by 4K and 8K video resolution. Other enhancements with the H.265 IP cameras, such as the improved unblocking filter and motion vector prediction, also contribute to their greater efficiency when encoding the image.

Why should you choose H.265 cameras if you have that possibility?

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