SMBs Should Adopt the Cloud as Their Security Solution and Here We Explain Why

Their Security Solution

In this article we will explain why cloud security is helping and will help SMBs to be more efficient, scalable, flexible and profitable.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly apparent that more and more companies have turned to the cloud to improve their operations and business management. In retail, for example, companies were forced, when they had to close their doors to the public, to implement online sales to continue generating income. But things did not just stay there, today those same companies use the cloud to carry out other business processes such as inventory management and customer relationship management (CRM).

Since before the pandemic, the providers that offered security services had already realized that video surveillance in the cloud was an unstoppable trend and that their line of business should go there ASAP. However, it was this accelerated modernization process that took place during that unprecedented event in modern human history that convinced them to make the transition quickly. Their customers, who already saw the advantages that the cloud offered, did not stop demanding video surveillance services in the cloud because they wanted to have tools such as remote storage and video analytics, among others.

Now more and more companies are using cloud video surveillance at their facilities, not only for security reasons but also to improve their processes. But, where are the advantages and how can video surveillance in the cloud help those SMBs that have not yet switched to this new technology? We will try to summarize the advantages in 5 key points:

1. Little initial investment With a cloud infrastructure, you don’t need a local server. The only thing necessary is an account with a provider and a few IP security cameras, which are becoming more and more economical. The installation process is also simpler and cheaper compared to analog systems.
2. Scalability and flexibility As we mentioned in the previous point, IP security cameras are very economical and adding more cameras to the system does not require a large investment. You can start with a basic system and add devices as you need them.
3. All the footage in a single point for visualization and storage When companies have multiple facilities, the cloud provides a single, secure and easily accessible information collection point for all protected premises. From remote locations, authorized personnel can monitor all company buildings from anywhere in the world, all they need is an internet connection.
4. A system that always improves over time Security cameras and monitoring platforms are always receiving improvements in regular updates, included in the initial price, and the end user will always have a more advanced system as time goes on. Contrary to what happened with archaic systems that over time became slower and less eficient.
5. 24/7 remote maintenance The providers of the security in the cloud monitor the service constantly and any problem that arises can be solved remotely, which reduces transportation costs. In addition, the companies that use the service do not have to have their own personnel to maintain the equipment. Users can breathe easy knowing that their security system is being monitored 24/7 and that any problem will be solved remotely quickly and effectively.
BONUS: Video analytics Beyond using cameras and the security system to protect businesses, users can use them to monitor, measure impacts and optimize their processes. Analytics such as face recognition, heat maps, people counting among others are a fundamental tool that business owners and operators have in their toolbox today.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of video analytics? We recommend you read the article we wrote on the subject.

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